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1959 Salesman’s Sample Case, the only one known to exist. All Barbie’s first year fashions displayed on No. 1 Barbie dolls.

A Brief Compendium of the Traveling Salesman's Vintage Sample Case

Unlike most of the vintage stuff we tend to get nostalgic about on this blog, I'm not sure travelling salesmen of yesteryear rapping their knuckles on our front doors is something we'd necessarily want to bring back. While I do like to touch and feel what I'm buying, briefcase-carrying bowler hat-we

Barbies from 1959 - 2015 #Nostalgia!

Barbies from 1959 - 2015

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Mattel's Allan - Ken's Buddy - 1964 - According to the box Allan was Ken's buddy but we girls always pretended he was Midge's boyfriend.

Pristine Mint in Box, 1964 Mattel Allan Doll, Complete!: RL00959: Removed

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2011 Barbie Convention Goodies

Here are a few of the gifts we received at this year's Barbie convention. First up is a set of swimsuit outfits presented to conventioneers at Thursday's "All the Boys" brunch. These fashions were designed by Steve Skutka and include surf boards, swimsuits, beach jackets, towels, a beach bag, jewelry, and accessories. Notice how the traditional vintage Ken and Barbie colors are reversed. At the Mattel "Celebrating Ken" 50th birthday dinner we were presented with this reproduction Barbie and…

Are You Smart Enough To Ace This Vintage Products Challenge?

Your Only Chance Of Beating This Test Is If You Live, Eat & Breathe Vintage Products

Are You Smart Enough To Ace This Vintage Products Challenge?

Striking #4 Barbie Blond Ponytail, Mattel, 1960

Striking #4 Barbie Blond Ponytail, Mattel, 1960

Title: Striking #4 Barbie Blond Ponytail, Mattel, 1960, Status: SOLD, Category: Dolls:Barbie:Blond Ponytail, Shop: Fourty Fifty Sixty, Description: We are very pleased to offer for sale this beautiful 1960 Mattel Blond Ponytail Barbie doll. Barbie has her original top knot ponytail which is long and full with curly bangs intact. She has beautiful

"Friday Night Date"     I had this outfit for my first Barbie doll

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