chainsaw cousins :P

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an abandoned house in the woods at night
Nightmare Parade
a train traveling down tracks next to a forest filled with leaf covered trees and grass
a painting of a person with their hands on his head and arms resting against each other
red liquid is flowing down the side of a wine glass with bubbles and dots on it
a puddle in the snow surrounded by trees with red leaves on it and foggy skies
a bird that is laying on the ground with it's wings spread wide open
an image of a trail in the snow with blood running down it's side
art, whatever
“Bitter Snow,” by Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison
a white bird is flying in the dark with its wings spread out and it's eyes open
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a close up of a horse's face with trees in the backgroud
a puppy playing with a teddy bear on the floor
a woman holding a cat and a fox in front of an image of the same person