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words into math worksheet with arrows pointing to the word addition and subtraction
I Speak Math
Middle School Math Teacher Blog
a white paper with writing on it that says fraction poem to add or subtract fractions that you see match the denomints perfectly
five different activities to teach students how to make their own words and numbers with the help of
5 Mistakes Teachers Make when teaching subitizing - with subitizing tips and tricks
How do students develop subitizing skills? Find out in this blog post. You'll also learn about common mistakes when teaching subitizing in preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Plus, learn subitizing tips and tricks to fix these mistakes. Get suggestions about using subitizing quick images, plus learn about what kinds of images to use for subitizing: ten frames, dot patterns, fingers, tally marks, or others. Use these tips to make subitizing fun!
dividing fractions worksheet with two numbers on the same side and one number
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a poster with the words math vocaculary written in different languages and numbers