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Baby suho was crying

On May South Koreans celebrate their littlest citizens with a national holiday which typically involves toys and trips to the zoo

OMG little kris ♥♥♥

Of course Kris has perfected that serious, brooding gaze. He’s been practicing since he was a baby.

Little chen

12 EXO Baby Photos That Show Just How Adorable They Were As Kids We all know how handsome the members of EXO are now, but did you know how adorable they were even as babies?

Little kai ♥♥♥

With his fashionable red blazer and idol hair, Kai was clearly a star-in-training from an early age.

Little sehun

Would you have guessed that this kid with the mushroom cut would end up being the maknae of one of K-Pop’s hottest idol groups? SM’s agents had Sehun all figured out when they cast him at the young age of fourteen.

Little luhan

Even as a kid in relaxation mode, Luhan knew how to give camera-ready face.

Little Tao

Tao may no longer be playing with a bucket in the sand at the beach, but he’s still giving perfect side-eye.