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Our mysterious Omega {Shklance}❤ - Chapter 4

Hello! I'm spreading my horizons so I decided to a SHKLANCE! Because there's not tha many and I want to make it happen lol but now for the introductions! Also AOB (Alpha, omega, beta) Au! Also ears and tails! Keith Kogane and Shiro Takahashi are Alphas and have been together for 2 years and have loved each other and were open to new things. They don't have family seeing as they mysteriously disappeared or died. Shiro and Keith one day decided to go to a stripper club to meet with their old…

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Meme memes y9mBbZyM6 by GiveLoveAnoonce - iFunny :)

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Klance comic

Just some cute comic pictures of Klance None of these pictures are mine Credit to artists

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Klance Pics and Comics - Klance #150

Yup I'm a Klance trash

Am I Still A Goofball? || Langst - Chapter 11: Goner

Allura wants to have another trust exercise, but this time it's looking into there pasts. What will the paladins think of Lance's not so perfect loving family? \\Langst & Klance// \\Trigger warning// -past child abuse -past bullying/racism -self harm (No art is mine. Credits to the artists spiritually)

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Cute Klance Comics au - Comics and Mini Comics

Random comics, fluff images, galtean, etc. This is my very first Klance comic book, so I hope you like it! COMPLETED

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