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Friends and Boys 6 - Kingdom of Reptiles

Rough around the edges.
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ArtStation - Giant_Snake, Thierry Masson
Aligator sculpt by revenant-99 on DeviantArt
ArtStation - Dragon, Damir G. Martin

Reptillioids 👽

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Turtle; Pet; Animal; Turtle; Tortoise Photography;Tortoise;Tortoise Care;Tortoise Habitat;Tortoise Enclosure;Tortoise Diet;Tortoise Pet;Sulcata Tortoise
Beal's Eyed Turtle
The shape and the textures are interesting. perhaps layering would be an option??

Tourteoise 🥌

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Teleocrater rhadinus from the Middle Triassic (~245 mya) of Tanzania. Measuring about 2.5m long (8′2″), it was one of the earliest known members of the avemetatarsalians – the dinosaur-and-pterosaur...
Teraterpeton, an unusual archosauromorph from the Late Triassic of Nova Scotia, Canada (~235-221 mya). Probably around 1m long (3′3″), it was a member of the trilophosaurs, a group of lizard-like archosauromorphs with toothless beaks at the front of...

Not-a-Suchus 🦖

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Eretmorhipis by Hyrotrioskjan on DeviantArt
One Million Eretmorhipis to thank you by Hyrotrioskjan on DeviantArt
Gabriel N. U. (@SerpenIllus) / Twitter

Sea Serpents 🐬

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» A reptile mad Brit man lives with crocodiles and other reptiles
Eastern Long-necked Turtle (Chelodina longicollis) | Flickr
Turtle foot | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Chickens of the Swamp 🐢

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Pteranodon by Carcascan on DeviantArt
Restoration of Keresdrakon, a pterosaur of the Cretaceous
A new pterosaur found in Mongolia had a 32-foot wingspan and likely feasted on baby dinosaurs.

Bat Dinosaurs 🦇

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St Lucia Wetlands In South Africa - UNESCO Heritage Site
Can a crocodile swallow a human? - Quora
Killer crocodile that ate female worker was being kept as an illegal PET | Daily Mail Online

GatorRaid 🐊

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