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How to Build a Pond; Easily, Cheaply and Beautifully

How to Build a Pond Easily, Cheaply and Beautifully • The Garden Glove

How to Build a Pond; Easily, Cheaply and Beautifully

Completing a Dream | Best Ponds from Readers' Yards | Photos | Pools, Ponds & Fountains | This Old House

Best Ponds from Readers' Yards

These tales of outdoor transformations may just inspire you to build a pond of your own

I would like to have a water element in my garden outside of the office.

20 Wonderful Garden Fountains

Garden fountains are so welcomed in every yard. Those amazing additions can bring life and motion to your front yard and garden. Garden fountains engage

Water feature, water fall

22 Weird And Wonderful Features You'll Wish You Had In Your Garden

But you don't sorry.

Love this water fountain photo. Like the use of a shorter pot. - Jewel box garden

Jewel box garden

Formal hedges, luscious green. Like cut and polished precious emeralds. Sparkling pool, stone a...

Such a cool idea! Imagine pairing this idea with a vertical garden to bring some color into an outdoor space complete with an outdoor kitchen! #LGLimitlessDesign #contest

32 Outrageously Fun Things You'll Want In Your Backyard This Summer

You'll never want to go back inside.

DIY water feature, fountain for the dogs

Patio Garden Water Feature DIY - Homeowner GC

DIY water feature, fountain for the dogs

Autumn leaves in Enrian temple, Sagano, Kyoto, Japan


ue yori shita ga haeru koro (par ponkan.)

From ‘Central Texas Gardener‘, learn how Elayne Lansford made this glass table top into a water wall!

10 Soothing DIY Garden Fountains • The Garden Glove

These 7 soothing DIY garden fountain projects are meant to inspire you. Making your own fountain saves money over buying one as well. Try these projects!


Make a DIY Recirculating Fountain for your yard out of a pot!

Make a DIY Recirculating Fountain. A great Spring DIY project. Spruce up your home and enjoy the soothing sounds of water this Summer!

DIY water fountain - rain chain (or gutter) to flow into it and funnel down to the cistern

DIY water fountain - rain chain (or gutter) to flow into it and funnel down to the cistern

Desert, Xeriscape and Rock Gardens: Consider using gravel and timbers rather than grass, and then add plants that thrive in arid conditions. From

Desert, Xeriscape and Rock Gardens has ideas for adding color and personality to a dry landscape.


25+ DIY Water Features Will Bring Tranquility & Relaxation To Any Home | Architecture & Design

Love tranquility and relaxation? Water features can make it because they are not only beautiful but also calming and peaceful. Whether indoors or outdoors, water features such as a DIY waterfall or a fountain, they all can provide a fresh, comfortable, and natural element to the environment of your home that will add a peaceful […]

Fountains from IONART Austin, TX  Seriously cool work these guys do.

Pacific Blue — Ion Art - design + build

Findhorn Scottland, spirit of nature

Géobiologie voyage en Ecosse 3 ème jour | Géobiologie spirituelle et coévolution quantique

Géobiologie voyage en Ecosse 3 ème jour Depart Elgin, passage par une tour avec une statue sur Elgin, « vouloir briller à travers l'autre sans lui demander son

The Interior Frugalista: Plant Pots to Water Fountain {step-by-step tutorial}

How To Turn Plant Pots Into A Water Fountain

This budget-friendly DIY Plant Pot Water Fountain is the perfect water feature for a deck, patio, porch, or balcony using a trio of flower pots.