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an assortment of gardening tools and supplies laid out on a white surface, including straw
Friendly Nettle - Friendly Nettle is a community site for crafters of all sorts offering free project ideas, patterns for knitting, sewing and crocheting.
many different types of nuts in plastic bags
How to Get Started Collecting & Growing Rare Seeds - Whole-Fed Homestead
an old fashioned red phone booth with pictures and instructions
Vintage Candy Machines Upcycled for Guerrilla Gardening
no bake cookie recipe for squirrels and birds
What to Feed Squirrels? Cookie Recipe
an illustrated poster with instructions on how to make bread and other things that are in the background
Lets Get Creative – Making Seed Bombs - Godspacelight
a person is picking up some food from a vending machine that's stacked on top of each other
LOOK: Guerilla Gardening with Pocket Change
Organic Gardening, Diy, Compost
How to Make a Seed Bomb - One Hundred Dollars a Month
hand holding seed packets with free seeds on them hanging from a fence in front of trees
Tutoriel - DIY - bombe à graine - Fabriquez vos bombes à graines pour aider à sauver les abeilles
an open notebook with instructions on how to use the kitchen utensils for cooking
seed bombs
wildflower seed bonks are displayed on a wooden table with purple flowers and rocks
Easy DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs - Julie Measures
Planting Seeds, Seed Bombs Kids
Do Seed Bombs Work? (I Kind of Don't Think So) • Crafting a Green World
DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs - Living Bite Sized
DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs - Living Bite Sized