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three books with cartoon characters on them and the words ouch written in gold lettering
the contents of a personal care kit laid out on a table
Transferring pictures to tiles by using Nail Polish Remover. This is freaking ingenious!!!
three different pictures with the words diy wood photo transferr on them and an image of
DIY Wood Slice Photo Transfer | Parental Perspective
Learn how to easily transfer any photo onto a slice of wood using Silhouette temporary tattoo paper.
the info sheet shows how to use vinegar for hair and make it look like they have been
Vinegar is basically the new coconut oil when it comes to household chores
Whether you're budget-conscious, eco-friendly, or haven't had time to stock up on cleaning supplies, it helps to have a few common uses for vinegar up your sleeve. You might have pinned them before on Pinterest, but we've made it easy for you by gathering some of the best quickie vinegar hacks in one place. Who knew one little ingredient could be used to deodorize, sanitize, or even marinate meat? #lifehacks