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Devina Tandrawarsito
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…this made me cry!

Funny pictures about Commandments from a dog's perspective. Oh, and cool pics about Commandments from a dog's perspective. Also, Commandments from a dog's perspective.

How to cook for your dog: Can you imagine how dull it would be to eat the same food every day out of a can? Why not treat your dog to some fresh lovingly made food right from your kitchen.

If you dont want to give your pooch commercially produced food, you can always feed your dog homemade meals. You can make it as simple or as varied as it suits your schedule and your dog! - My Doggy Is Delightful

Choux au Craquelin - French Crunchy Cream Puff Recipe

Hi, I’m Eugenie. Today I am making choux au craquelin, meaning crunchy cream puffs. Choux is always the most wanted in my family. Everybody loves this delicate French choux pastry. Do you think you can resist anything like this?