Hijab anime

Hijab anime

Hijab is....

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What the Hijab is....    ✔ 1. An act of Obedience to The Creator  ✔ 2. An act of Honor & Dignity  ✔ 3. An act of Belief & Faith  ✔ 4. An act of Modesty  ✔ 5. An act of Purity  ✔ 6. An act of Bashfulness  ✔ 7. An act of Righteousness  ✔ 8. A Shield

Poem The Muslim Woman Unveiled

dear sister

wise sincere advice for muslimahs

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Halal love start's after Nikah

WE ARE ONE UMMAH!!   ~Amatullah

No racism in Islam. If you are racist, you have not find Islam in depth yet.

110 Cute and Romantic Muslim Couples

The almighty Allah created the whole universe. None of the creature, living or non-living, is there which is not entitled to be the creatures of Allah. Being the creator, Allah knows the best about the human beings’ necessities

Islam asks women to cover their entire body except face, hands, and feet in the above mentioned situations. Islam orders and tries to make sure that the women cover themselves properly.