J.M.W. Turner's paintings are absolutely mesmerizing, glorious...this book talks about his use of "light, color, and atmospherics"

Turner's paintings influenced Arts and Crafts garden designer Gertrude Jekyll's color theory.

Karen Hollingsworth - Little Things

◇ Artful Interiors ◇ paintings of beautiful rooms - Karen Hollingsworth, The Apple Thief oil

Vilhelm Hammershoi Portrait of a Young Girl, 1885 - "Hammershøi's portrait of his sister Anna was painted when the artist was 21. The Danish Royal Academy passed over the work when judging the 1885 Neuhausen Prize, and the omission prompted a furious backlash from fellow artists who saw considerable potential in the young painter's work."

Vilhelm Hammershøi Portrait of a young woman. The artist's sister Anna Hammershøi 1885 Oil on canvas. 112 x cm Den Hirschsprungske Samling

Abandon   Anne Françoise Couloumy-2004-2005

Abandon Anne Françoise Couloumy-2004-2005

Vilhelm Hammershoi et Dreyer

Vilhelm Hammershoi et Dreyer

Vilhelm Hammershoi

arcadiainteriorana: “ Interior with potted plant on card table, Bredgade 25 Vilhelm Hammershöi (Danish, Oil on canvas, 71 x cm, Malmö Art Museum.