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Cornell Note-Taking Method

Cornell Note-Taking Method -- Notes on right, cues on left, summary on bottom. Love the cues on the side with possible test questions

reviseordie: Something a little different to answer the question of ‘How should…

‘How should I study?’ I’ve done some research on the main three learning types- visual, auditory and kinesthetic, so just see which one fits you best (you might be more than one), and try out the six most popular methods


grxeek: raspstudying: - So i promised to post the ready one, here it is! :) Im happy with it. I spent the whole day with the digestive system but now i feel quite confident about knowing it.

Common Medical Prefixes and Postfixes [Infographic] - Healthcare, hospital, lab…

For those who don't remember Latin roots, here are some common medical prefixes and postfixes. Designed for doctors/nurses in training, but since many of us have to make our own medical decisions, it could be useful for anyone.