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"I don't want to leave," she whispered to him. But it'll be alright! Everything will be okay," he replied reassuringly. But he had to stare hard at the train to clear his eyes, and he swallowed back the urge to whisper, "Stay with me.

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She followed behind him, trying to ready herself for what was to come. "Is everything alright?" She asked. Just then he stopped and took her into his arms, warm and reassuring. "As long as I've got you with me, everything will be just fine." He pulled back and lightly kissed her; first on her nose then on her lips.

How is at "sm"place? I'm riding BT soft, she still breath abit like a dragon but has a lot of energy. I had too small glass of wine.I feel like that was a bad dream what happened🙂 I miss you😻.

This is incredibly nerdtastic. I'm now officially obsessed. Even if my future hubby isn't a book nerd we're gonna do this picture and he can get over it. :)

Me: "We were obsessed with books." C: "Oh, I read the entire Harry Potter series in a month." J: "I read the entire book in a day." Me: "Like I said. Obsessed with books.