LGBT Community Terminology and Flags by lovemystarfire... Probably the ultimate guide to pride flags!

Sexual, romantic, and gender identities are very personal and often change from person to person. The information below is is simply a general guide to some popular LGBT community terms. When deali.

LGBT Rights Around The World Infographic - #LGBT

May not be appropriate for all levels of students, but would be of interest to adult learners: LGBT Rights around the World Infographic. An interesting look at how different parts of the world address LGBT issues and rights.

Asexual Relationships, Masturbation And Romance In The Ace Community (INFOGRAPHIC) [I wonder if I'm slightly Gray-A. Labels, labels. :p Good info to help understand my friends too.]

Love, Romance And Masturbation In The Asexual Community

transstudent: “ transstudent: “ Let’s take some time to learn about the asexual spectrum! ” It’s Asexual Awareness Week! Always remember: sexuality is a spectrum and sexual and romantic orientations.

huffpostgraphics:  LGBT rights in Southeast Asia are limited by draconian laws and intolerant attitudes. Read more:

Being LGBT In Southeast Asia: Stories Of Abuse, Survival And Tremendous Courage