Nick Oliveri Left To Go With The Flow

Former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri joined the band onstage for the first time in a decade last night.

Justin Hawkins: The Darkness Need New Material And Quick!

Justin Hawkins reveals his hopes and fears for the rock band's album. The Darkness have said if they don't start work on their new album soon they'll be .

Pretty Girls Make Graves

If emo-punk wailers Pretty Girls Make Graves were a shag then they'd be the feistiest, funniest, most energetic. PGMG the best Seattle band since Nirvana?

The Strokes And Kings Of Leon

On the town with The Strokes and Kings Of Leon. It was clearly going to be one hell of a party. The Strokes and Kings Of Leon getting drunk backstage in .

Slayer London WC2 Astoria

Slayer were the only good heavy metal band ever and they stopped being good in so what the fuck are they doing here?

New romance? Lindsay Lohan is said to be getting 'very serious' with Dennis Papageorgiou, the 'man who saved her' from an explosive beach row with former fiancé earlier this summer

Come Equalizzare i Synth

Lars Ulrich: ‘The White Stripes Blew My Mind’

Metallica drummer tells of the band's battle with Napster, how they nearly split and his love for The Datsuns. Metallica are winding up to take their rock.

Tour Of Duty

When you’re planning a major tour, one of the most important things to think about is how to get your band - and all of the people involved - from point A to point B show after show.

Making Music For Film And Television

The ability to write well music for film and television is rare, and one that usually takes years of practice and fine-tuning before .

Guns N’Roses LP Saga Takes Another Twist

The sage surrounding Guns N'Roses album Chinese Democracy has taken its most bizarre twist yet.

Limp Bizkit, From Nu-Metal Titans To Cred-Free Flops

Limp Bizkit were the heavyweight champions of millennial rage. Fred Durst's explosive cocktail of rap and metal, animosity and aggression, machismo and .

Giving Your Band Image The Perfect Look

Image is everything. As a means to convince people you've just beamed down from Mars, or just to make your band image look more like a gang, deciding how .

Is Thom Yorke The New Mozart?

Radiohead are being dubbed modern-day Mozarts by highbrow classical artists who are ditching traditional pieces and covering the Oxford band's songs.

Analogue And Digital Recording Technology

The battle between analogue and digital recording technology. In a recording environment, this is seriously useful. The recording method's not going to .