Fermented Dairy

Fermentation recipes that include dairy ingredients. Includes many recipes for yogurt, cultured butter, milk kefir, and cheese.
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a white bowl filled with ice cream on top of a table
Cottage Cheese Ice Cream with Brown Butter and Vanilla
This is my delicious twist on the TikTok viral dessert! You only need four ingredients to make this high-protein brown butter vanilla cottage cheese ice cream.
5h 15m
how to make cottage cheese from scratch in a white bowl with a spoon and text overlay
How to Make Cottage Cheese Fermented with Probiotic Cultures
Learn how to make Cottage Cheese that is thick and creamy, with live and active cultures. This healthy, high-protein homemade cottage cheese has no thickeners, carrageenan, or artificial ingredients. It's made with only organic milk, probiotic cultures, rennet, cream, and salt. #cottage #cheese #probiotic
5h 20m
a glass jar filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
How to Make Fermented Milk Kefir at Home • Cultured Guru
how to make feta cheese with cous or goat milk
How to Make Feta Cheese From Scratch with Cow or Goat Milk
Savor the rich, creamy texture of homemade feta. Learn how to make feta cheese from scratch. Aged to tangy perfection, it's a delightful addition to salads, pastas, and your favorite dishes. #cheese #fermentation #feta
a person is holding a bowl filled with whipped cream and caramel drizzle
Raw Milk Yogurt Instant Pot Recipe an Easy Plain Whole Milk Yogurt • Cultured Guru
Our raw milk yogurt instant pot recipe includes everything you need to know to make plain whole milk yogurt in an instant pot with a yogurt setting. This recipe works with goat milk, cow milk, raw milk, and pasteurized milk. Enjoy the instant pot raw milk yogurt chilled with fruit and granola.
12h 15m
two jars of milk next to an electric pressure cooker on a white countertop
Raw Milk Yogurt Instant Pot Recipe an Easy Plain Whole Milk Yogurt • Cultured Guru
12h 15m
a bowl filled with batter sitting on top of a table
Easy Whipped Miso Butter Recipe • Cultured Guru
Easy Whipped Miso Butter Recipe
homemade butter with lemon and herbs on top
Homemade Cultured Butter with Lemon and Herbs
What is cultured butter? It's homemade butter made with cream and yogurt. This cultured butter recipe teaches you how to make butter in a blender. Try this cultured lemon herb butter on seared steak, eggs, or toast.