Exploring Photography: Amazing Photographs :Facebook World around...!

Exploring Photography: Amazing Photographs :Facebook World around...!

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Heaviest lizard: The Komodo dragon - Global Animals Talk

congenitaldisease: “The Bay Cat is an extremely rare and endangered wild cat native to the island of Borneo. When it was first discovered, it was believed to be a kitten of an Asian golden cat as opposed to it’s own species.

Rainforest conservation project, aimed to buy and protect primary forest, not protected by law, to be able to save the natural habitat of birds and wildlife

Rare Animals, Indonesia

Bali Mynah also called Bali Starling at Aviary Hong Kong Park

Cicinnurus respublica The Wilson's bird of paradise is a stunning bird with a very cool swirly tail. They only call two islands home: Waigeo and Batanta. These islands can be found in New Guinea.