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A fun craft for you to do with your little ones on a rainy day out of something that's bound to be in your home - a toilet paper roll!

A fun craft for you to do with your little ones on a rainy day out of something that's bound to be in your home - a toilet paper roll!

Art Projects for Kids: FREE Pattern Snake Template

Cool ! Swamp crafts and activities for kids.

15 Swamp Craft & Activity Ideas - No Time For Flash Cards

Gross! These awesome swamp craft ideas will keep your kids having fun and learning.

Counting Snakes from Lakeshore Learning: A slinky snake that children make…with numbers on its back to reinforce early math skills!

Counting Snakes at Lakeshore Learning

A slinky snake that children make and decorate…with numbers on its back that help reinforce basic number skills!

S is for Snake:  Alphabet Craft

S is for Snake: Alphabet Craft - I Can Teach My Child!

This slithery snake is the perfect Alphabet Craft for the letter "S". Use a sponge to add some stripes, all while emphasizing the beginning /s/ sound!

Preschool The Alphabet Animals Worksheets: Letter A Coloring Page

Letter A | Worksheet | Education.com

This fun alphabet coloring page will have your child coloring a toothy alligator while learning the shape and sound of the letter A.

Bubble Wrap Snake Craft Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Adam and Eve Bible Crafts and Activities

How to make Bible Crafts relating to Adman and Eve

I love this take on a toilet paper roll craft for kids! Its so unique to use a bunch of small tubes strung together to make a snake.

* La recup selon meroute: le rouleau wc

chaque mois je vous donne des idées de recup! Ce mois ci, le rouleau vide de papier toilette !! Quelques idées de ce que l'on peut faire avec ce petit rouleau que l'on se procure (très)...

Paper Plate Scaly Sensory Snake - using Pastina and fingerpaint - House of Burke

Paper Plate Scaly Sensory Snake

A paper plate snake is one of those quintessential childhood crafts that every kid makes at some point. I really wanted to have Kingston make one for our animal theme, but I wanted to make it more exciting and textually pleasing. K was really into the snake skin that I attached to our Animal Texture Board. Inspired by a snake's scales, I combined an unlikely ingredient (one that Kingston LOVES to eat!) with some paint and K created an adorable snake craft! Pastina (aka stars or acini de…

Adam and Eve:  Snake

Adam and Eve: Snake

Worksheets: Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park | Worksheet | Education.com

Who knew a swamp could be such a beautiful and diverse spot for a nature preserve? Teach your child a bit about the Everglades with this coloring sheet.

Worksheets: Wetlands and Swamps

Wetlands and Swamps | Worksheet | Education.com

What happens to water as it travels through mushy, smushy wetlands and swamps? Find out all about the water cycle and fill in scientific terms in the swamp.

Free download for an alligator coloring page

Alligator Swamp People Party

With the growing popularity of the History Channel's show Swamp People , a Cajun alligator themed party is sure to be a hit with your g...

Worksheets: Swamp Food Chain

Swamp Food Chain | Worksheet | Education.com

Learn more about the animals in the swamp food chain, and find out how each living thing in a swamp ecosystem needs another to survive.

Worksheets: Animal Finger Puppets: Everglades

Animal Finger Puppets: Everglades | Worksheet | Education.com

Color in these critters that call the Everglades their home and learn more about life science in the process.