DIY floral lettering. An E for the center of a greenery wreath for the front door of the club . . .entrance . . .

gorgeous DIY floral letter with frame - maybe hang it on the front door as a wreath?

I LOVED THIS! you make a book that tells your story. You can illustrate it and everything. Made one for my boyfriend for our two year anniversary in March. Can't wait to give it to him!!

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Clipboard Display Wall

Most of these are way too ambitious for me, but I like this one where they hang inspirational messages on clipboards on the wall. ~~ 29 Impossibly Creative Ways To Completely Transform Your Walls

House, New York

Inverted Warehouse-Townhouse / Dean-Wolf Architects

New York City-based studio Dean-Wolf Architects has completed the Inverted Warehouse-Townhouse project in This square foot five-story apartment (!) is located in a former warehouse townhouse in Tribeca, New York City, USA.

Analisis Regresi Terapan

Analisis Regresi Terapan

Peta Batam : Peta Jalan & Satellite Batam - Indonesia

Peta Batam : Peta Jalan & Satellite Batam - Indonesia