Donna Reysita

Donna Reysita

Donna Reysita
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Frame made with broken pieces of a dvd/cd

Instead of having a traditional, boring mirror, try this cool new do-it-yourself idea! Buy a regular mirror with a colored frame. Get some old CDs and break them into a bunch of pieces, then take the pieces and hot glue them to the frame of the mirror.

Agate stone window

Might need to get some agate slabs at the next gem show! Artist Polke Sigmar's Agate Stone Windows designed for the Grossmünster in Zurich. Sigmar produced 7 cathedral windows made from translucent Agate found around the world.

Chlorite inclusion in Quartz

A colorless polished Quartz with a big green cluster of Chlorite inside. It is very visible and makes nice contrast with the Quartz. My only piece. From Brazil.