the one who is always there by your side   your ultimate hope your utimate answer ya allah make the day we meet pleasent make my deeds good so that you are pleased with me when we meet and shower me with your mercy as its not my actions and deeds but youre mercy that in sha allah will grant me success.

Sometimes you have no shoulder to cry but you always have your forehead to put on the ground and cry to Allah ♥ SubhanAllah!

Surah Al-Maida verse 8

all are one - peace to the world - heal the world - share peace talk - from all religions - maybe will do different -hope it will do - Surah Al-Maida verse 8

“..If you give thanks, I will give you more..” Qur'an 14:7 ~Amatullah♥

” Qur'an --What can beat Allah's love? All it takes is a genuine "thank you." Be grateful or you will regret your life.

Quran ♥ قرآن

Be inspired with Allah Quotes about life, love and being thankful to Him for His blessings & mercy. See more ideas for Islam, Quran and Muslim Quotes.

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If your life is hard, and you're facing difficult challengens, know that you're chosen among the strongest soldiers of Allah. Say Thankyou Allah.

Hai, selamat pagi. Pap quotes yang menginspirasimu hari ini, sampai hari-hari mendatang. Terima kasih.

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Trust Allah.

The second in a series of fine art photography of my favorite marine mammals. A rests motionless in the water column off the coast of Norway. With @ cristinamittermeier and @ thephotosociety @ natgeocreative @ seacam @ waterproofinternational