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Indah Lestari

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Indah Lestari
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In search of the perfect custom Birthday gift? Search no further! This beautiful new edition hand crafted bangle makes a great personalized gift for that special someone.

Masada. One of Israel’s biggest tourist attractions, the ancient fortress of Masada - home to the legendary story of the Roman Siege.

Masada is a rugged natural fortress, of majestic beauty, in the Judaean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea. It is a symbol of the ancient kingdom of Israel,

Achieving your goals and learning to value your accomplishments is the key to mindful life. So how to overcome self-doubt and boost your confidence?

how to overcome self-doubt, achieve goals, value accomplishments rose gold flatlay inspiration

And when I wake up, You are still with me! Psalm What a wonderful promise to wake up to! That God is near, we’re not alone anymore. It means He will guide and shepherd us through the various situations we may find ourselves in; When you wake.

Photography is all about capturing love. While most parents cannot stop taking photos of their precious babies, they often forget to get themselves involved by capturing the true love that flows in the family through natural interaction. Baby portraits can certainly tell your children how cute they looked when they were born, but family portraits …

I like the long dress holding newborn in front of window, but if have Ahna facing me looking up, too. 30 Love-Filled Photos Every Parent Must Take with their Newborn!