Resep Pancake Durian resep masakan indonesia

Resep Pancake Durian resep masakan indonesia

Soto  #Indonesianfood

Soto Betawi Soto Betawi have a unique taste. The soup is made of beef or beef offal with cow milk

Mangut lele #Indonesianfood

Mangut is a signature dish in Central Java, Indonesia. Smoke Catfish cooked with basil, chunk of chillies in spicy coconut milk broth.

Kangkung tumis terasi #Indonesianfood

Kangkong Belachan or Sambal Kangkong: water convolvulus stir fried with sambal belachan chilli. Must try for those with fire in the belly.

Sayur asam #Indonesianfood

Sayur Asam, how about sour veggie? LOL, ridiculous, keep called it sayur asam :)

Nasi goreng #Indonesianfood

My first Korean dish! It's actually a simple fried rice dish with kimchi added. The kimchi really made the fried rice tasted sooo good!

Cabe #Indonesianfood

Add a bit of zing to your day with our Spicy Mexican Mocha! Spiced Mocha Powder & Ghiradelli Chocolate Sauce Latte topped with fresh Whipped Cream