Bromo National Park - East Java, Indonesia

Bromo National Park - East Java, Indonesia Bromo you took my breath away ! indonesia How cool would it be to explore Java, Indonesia while drinking your java.

Carmen Dell’Orefice by Richard Avedon, 1957

Beautiful - Harper's Bazaar, 1957 Photo by Richard Avedon Model: Carmen Dell'Orefice

Kris (ca. 19th Century CE Bali)

Veda is in possession of an ancient Weapon that was forged to eviserate a wolf in a single cut, Jax found it originally and entrusted it to her to hide it in case she ever had to use it on him

Studio Portrait of a Court Dancer | (Javanese; c. 1910-1930 CE Sultanate of Jogjakarta/Susunuhan of Surakarta (Solo), Central Java)

Indonesia ~ Central Java / Studio portrait of a court dancer; possibly the court of

Koloniale Tentoonstelling Semarang 1914

Dutch Colonial Exhibition, Semarang (Java, Indonesia), Showing a Javanese bride draped in the elaborate fabrics of traditional dress.

King of Dayak Kahayan. Borneo, Indonesia.

A Dayak chief, complete with amazing headdress, costume and weaponry. Supposedly some of my ancestors were of royal blood from the Dayak tribes of Borneo! I love this image - thank you Wikipedia for schooling me in my history x

Indonesian mask for the performing arts

A mask on sale near the Sultan Mosque at Bussorah Street. Partly photoshop treatment Print: Cover of Bulletin "Indonesian News", Belgrade, Serbia.

Javanese court official, by anonymous, approx. 1820 - approx. 1870 (Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands).

early century portrait of a Javanese court official. - The Rijksmuseum - Dutch national museum