Bromo National Park - East Java, Indonesia

Bromo National Park - East Java, Indonesia Bromo you took my breath away ! indonesia How cool would it be to explore Java, Indonesia while drinking your java.

Kris (ca. 19th Century CE Bali)

Veda is in possession of an ancient Weapon that was forged to eviserate a wolf in a single cut, Jax found it originally and entrusted it to her to hide it in case she ever had to use it on him

Studio Portrait of a Court Dancer | (Javanese; c. 1910-1930 CE Sultanate of Jogjakarta/Susunuhan of Surakarta (Solo), Central Java)

Indonesia ~ Central Java / Studio portrait of a court dancer; possibly the court of

Koloniale Tentoonstelling Semarang 1914

Dutch Colonial Exhibition, Semarang (Java, Indonesia), Showing a Javanese bride draped in the elaborate fabrics of traditional dress.

King of Dayak Kahayan. Borneo, Indonesia.

A Dayak chief, complete with amazing headdress, costume and weaponry. Supposedly some of my ancestors were of royal blood from the Dayak tribes of Borneo! I love this image - thank you Wikipedia for schooling me in my history x

Indonesian mask for the performing arts

A mask on sale near the Sultan Mosque at Bussorah Street. Partly photoshop treatment Print: Cover of Bulletin "Indonesian News", Belgrade, Serbia.

Javanese court official, by anonymous, approx. 1820 - approx. 1870 (Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands).

early century portrait of a Javanese court official. - The Rijksmuseum - Dutch national museum