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It housed a tiny pit bike motor in a package about the same size as a mountain bike. The idea was to make a dirt bike that was.

GAS ENGINE Four-Wheel Mountain Bike | Motoped combines mountain bike parts with a standard Honda XR50

If you´re a petrolhead and a DIY fan, the Motoped conversion kit is the perfect project. Motoped is a fusion of a dirt bike and a mountain bike, to build it you simply need to gather an old Honda engine and an old mountain bike that you ca

Motoped - mountain bike conversion //

Offroad motorized bicycle, ride downhill motor off, ride up the road with the motor on.


Motoped Cruzer

Motoped first sent the internet into a frenzy with their spectacular Survival Bike kit, now the brand have presented their latest creation, the Motoped Cruzer. Inspired by the iconic early board-track racer, the sleek ride features a brushed s