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New World Auto Transport This is how we became number 1. #LGMSports Ship it with http://LGMSports.com My first new car. アメリカで初めての新車。懐かしいなぁ~ この車。

Plain-Jane Hotties: Five “Regular” Cars That Were Better Looking Than We Remember

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1972 Toyotas

The Best Resource on the Net of Vintage Ads! Toyota Corolla The lowest sticker price in America…

Vintage Toyota ad http://www.staugustinetoyota.com/

Old magazine ad for Toyota design and development. “ Ever since the day we began making autos 40 years ago Toyota has faced one fact we can never get around. Out home country us one of the most densely populated in the world.


A full size color 1974 advertisement for the Toyota Celica GT. Featured in yellow, an up close photo of car's front and interior. Detailing 5 speed gear box and