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a person holding a bowl with paper on it and the words baking hack written in white
Ma’ayan | vegan, healthy & gluten free recipes on Instagram: "As requested, round cake pan hack! After my square pan lining hack went viral I got sooo many requests for a round pan one! But the question is: does it work? The answer is yes. But will I use it? Not sure. Curious to hear your thoughts on this! Would you try it? . . . . . . #hacks #baking #lifehacks"
some donuts with icing on them and the words do you know you could eat his with crescent dough?
Jodie Kammerer on Instagram: "Comment for Recipe! ❤️ And TAG someone who would love these! I made these last year and watching this makes me want to stop everything I’m doing and make them again! So easy to make and so delicious! Who doesn’t love a flaky cinnamon roll that’s ready in minutes? Yes please!! #cruffin #easybaking #cinnamonrolls #cinnamonbun #cinnamonsugar #bakingfun"
a person in white gloves is opening a cupcake box with chocolate muffins
Bespoke Cake Designer 🌸 on Instagram: "How I create this two tone lilac and cream buttercream rosette👇🏻 . Tip used 2D Colour- Sugarflair Violet . 1. Get some cling film and spread out the buttercream colour you want on the outside in a rectangle shape. 2. Gentle place the second colour down the centre. 3. Gently roll the cling film over to seal it making sure to twists the edges tightly. 4. Cut off one side of the cling film off. 5. Place the buttercream cling film inside a piping bag, twist and go! Follow my account for more tips! ✨ . . . . . #bakingreel #bakingreels #pipingreels #pipingtutorial #caketutorial #caketutorials #caketutorialvideos #cakereels #cakereel #cakereelsofinstagram #cakereelvideos #reels #reelsinstagram #trending #howtocakeit #buttercreamtutorial #buttercream #but
a close up of a piece of cake with a bow on it
Rosie Madaschi on Instagram: "Absolute pain in the a** to make and will not be doing them again, but gosh they turned out cute 🎁 Inspired by @sincerelypasta whose pasta I would take over my cookies any day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #sugarandsaltcookies #cookies #sugarcookies #cookielove #Christmas #present #baker #cookiedecorating #foodnetwork #foodie #baking #foodblogger #recipe #art"
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a counter
Tidymess on Instagram: "No broken cakes with this baking trick! Obsessed 🍰🧁"
three toothbrushes decorated with beads and bows on white table cloth background, closeup
Natalia Dalehaug on Instagram: "How do you guys like the idea? Pretzel sticks + meringue 🤩👍 or 🙄👎??? Credit #christmastreats #meringuecookie #meringuecookies #meringuevideo"
two cupcakes with white frosting sitting on top of each other
Alexis Grabel | Cooking + Baking on Instagram: "Frosting hack incoming: mix cold heavy cream + instant pudding mix for the easiest whipped cream frosting that will hold up to piping and the warmth of sitting out. Plus it tastes great and isn’t overly sweet. So if American buttercream is too sugary for you, this is a great alternative! Combine: 2 pints (32 ounces) cold heavy cream One 3.4 ounce package of instant pudding mix Beat until stiff peaks form and then it’s ready to use! If you find the frosting too stiff you can add a little whole milk. This will frost 12 cupcakes (if piping), a two layer cake or a 9x13 cake. This will pipe or spread smoothly and beautifully! I made my frosting using coconut cream pudding mix, which includes coconut flakes, so you might notice those on my cupc
powdered sugar covered doughnuts in a white bowl on a blue wooden table
pollypocketsy on Instagram: "Delicious 3 ingredient donut bites . Recipe link in bio #donut #quickrecipe #dessert #quickdessert #3ingredientdough"
three small pastries with jam in them on a white plate next to a wooden spoon
Emily Hutchinson on Instagram: "🥧🌼The cutest pie flowers are so easy to make. I love that the lemon one looks like a ☀️ Take store bought or your favorite pie crust recipe and cut out the flowers 🌼🥧 . Gently press them into a mini cupcake tin. Brush gently with egg wash. Fill each one with 1 Tbsp of Lemon curd or fruit jam and sprinkle with sugar. Then, bake at 425 degrees F for 8-10 minutes on the middle rack. That’s it. Follow @the_hutch_oven for tips, tricks and delicious recipes 🌼🥧❤️🌼
a green mixer sitting in front of an oven
Jenny on Instagram: "Have you ever tired cake goo? It’s such a life saver! I have been making it since I started making cakes, before my bakery was built and use it EVERY time! #bakinghack #lifehacks #lifehack #cakedecorating #bakery #tips #caker #cakeartist #cakegoo #ilovemyjob"
there is a pink poster with the words, the buttercream trick every baker needs to know
Nika, A Whisk Worth Tasting LLC on Instagram: "💛+💜=🤍 Ever wondered how to whiten your buttercream? Let me show you! 🧈 #tiptuesday I originally learned this trick from @sugargeekshow and it has been a game changer - now I use it on every batch of buttercream! I love using @americolor soft gel coloring on my buttercream 🌈 I have used this hack on both American & Swiss merengue buttercream- but I think it would work with any recipe that uses real butter. 🧈 Let me know if you try it! * * * *
@decorelement on Instagram: "How to make a Butterfly cupcake shape 🦋 love this idea 💗🦋🧁 Credit: @sweetlayers_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #cupcakes #cupcake #cupcakedecorating #butterflycupcakes #springtheme #gardenparty #springcupcakes #cupcakelove #butterflies" Thermomix, Felt Flowers, Portola Paint, Blue Chiffon Dresses, Marker Board, Fleur Design, Lemon Pasta, Ice Box, Ceramic Wall Tiles
@decorelement on Instagram: "How to make a Butterfly cupcake shape 🦋 love this idea 💗🦋🧁 Credit: @sweetlayers_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #cupcakes #cupcake #cupcakedecorating #butterflycupcakes #springtheme #gardenparty #springcupcakes #cupcakelove #butterflies"
a woman with glasses is posing for the camera
The Spruce Eats on Instagram: "Did you know about this genius baking hack by @jessiesheehanbakes ? 🍋 Directly zesting lemon into sugar enhances the citrusy flavor for the entire cake!"
strawberries and other food items are arranged in a basket
OhCakes - Winnie on Instagram: "Strawberry baskets 🍓🍓🍓 . . I am clearing out my fridge and using my last pack of puff pastry before I go on Easter Vacay. I am so excited not to be in the kitchen for a whole week 😅 . . These are so simple to make. Just like making vol au vents with a twisted rope for the basket. Filled with luscious vanilla bean mascarpone filling and jam. . . Hope everyone is having a great week ❤️ . . #bakingrecipes #baking #cakestagram #cakegram #desserts #easter #springde