are great for working in all kinds of crafts from needle arts to fabric painting. If you want to buy it then shop from Mr.vac and Mrs.

Illustrated "Islamic" Geometrical patterns for gift cards, placed in GUC's Design Species Exhibition.

Islamic art tiles illustrated on Adobe Illustrator

Is a book about Islamic Civilization and its art of pattern design. The book comes with a set of stencils that teaches the reader how to draw the complicated patterns that are found in many different temples through out the Islamic geography.

Islamic art tiles illustrated on Adobe Illustrator

Brief: Create three islamic designs, adjusting them in three shapes (Square, triangle and pentagon)

Harmony of Opposites, the Yin and Yang

BREAKING A FATAL PATTERNQatar Islamic Bank is the largest financial institution in Qatar. These ads are part of a corporate social responsibility campaign aimed at improving the country's appalling road safety record.