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bamboo fountain Thinking about making a bamboo fountain in our garden for the birds, butterflies iguanas, ect. Though would like to recycle the H2O. You can make complicated ones too & I'm looking. Our neighbors & around the area bamboo grows well in the subtropics.

bamboo indoor water fountain

office stationery set from bamboo pen container

Tiki Lamp Hand Carved From Bamboo, 10" Tall, TURTLE

Tiki Lamp Hand Carved From Bamboo, 10" Tall, TURTLE by Nativewoodshop on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/270294450/tiki-lamp-hand-carved-from-bamboo-10

Jewelry box, Valentines gift, husband gift, Wish box, bamboo box, wooden box, personalized gift, memory box, wood box, cool mens gifts

Jewelry box husband gift Wish box bamboo box wooden by bamboobg

Medium Bamboo Fountain Water Feature

This next-gen music speaker is really just hollow bamboo

A power-free speaker that thrives on natural acoustics to amplify music from your phone? Yep. Handcrafted out of sustainable bamboo, the iBam, as its name

DIY bamboo votive holders. This would look great even if it wasn't painted black!

Bamboo Succulent Fountain with Twelve Cups Filled with a Wide Variety of Succulents