Corners appear to have been sliced away from the cantilevered concrete upper floor of this house in Indonesia

Indonesian house by SUB features chiselled edges and a grassy courtyard

Ssssh & mmmmh [Bakoel Koffiee Bintaro by Andra Matin Architect]

Ssssh & mmmmh [Bakoel Koffiee Bintaro by Andra Matin Architect]

@Uncube Andra Matin House, Jakarta

Wooden House - Architect Andra Matin designed this incredible wooden house using unique triangular shapes and a wall-free lower level.

House of Andra Matin in Jakarta, shot by Liandro N. I. Siringoringo on Fujifilm X-T1

In the third series of A Session with Studio Dasar with Danny Wicaksono, we were given a rare tour inside the residence of Indonesia’s famed architect, Andra Matin.

Andramatin is known for clean, modern creations that attempts to use space in a way that reflects and is sensitive to its environment.

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The established international award presents outstanding brick architecture.