Silver Hawks

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an image of some characters from the video game overwatching in front of a space background
an image of a space station with two birds flying over it and mountains in the background
a blue toy boat with two smaller boats next to it
Muñecos de los Halcones Galácticos
an action figure is shown with horns on it's head and chest, wearing a yellow shirt
SilverHawks Ultimates Mumbo Jumbo 7-Inch Action Figure (ETA OCTOBER 2023)
an animated image of some people in space
Los Halcones galácticos
a red action figure is on display in a box with two other figures behind it
Mon-Star with Sky-Shadow from the SilverHawks line of action figures from Kenner. These are part of my personal collection of toys.
a group of action figures standing next to each other
27 Awesome '80s Toys You Probably Don't Remember Wanting
an evil looking woman with red hair and fangs
an animated image of some people flying in the air with their arms outstretched and legs spread out
Silverhawks (1986)