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an old car is being worked on in a garage with yellow jacks and other tools
1967 Pro-Touring 122 Amazon (Project Volvo X)540 Horsepower LS6/Tremec TKO600 5-Speed
an old car with its hood open on the street
an old car is parked in a large room with concrete flooring and white walls
1969 Volvo Amazon
1969 Volvo Amazon | Classic Driver Market
an old green car parked next to a boat in the water at a dock with other boats
Volvo Amazon 120 series
an old red and white car is shown in this ad for volvo's
volvo 122
an old red police car is parked in the grass near some trees and tall grass
Volvo 123 GT rally car, 1967
an old car parked in a garage with the hood up and front grills down
Volvo Amazon
an old grey car parked in front of a brick building
Amazon attitude
Rear end Amazon
an old black station wagon parked in front of a stone wall
an old car parked in front of a brick building
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an old blue station wagon parked in front of some bushes and shrubs on the side of the road
the interior of an old car with red leather seats and steering wheel hubs on display
'Fastest car' in Britain is a grey 1967 VOLVO!
The car, originally made in Sweden in 1967, has had its interior transformed and a six-speed gearbox installed
an old race car driving down the track