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Want to transform your life and find more balance and meaning while being inspired? These are the personal development books to start with. They're classics!   Check out these titles and see if they are a good fit for your needs.  #personaldevelopment #classics #books #selfdevelopment #personalgrowth


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Laid Off? Don't Miss This Opportunity To Grow
“To be in your children lives tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”
Life-Changing Self-Care Tips For Busy Moms - Thrifty Brittany

no food, kid related or beauty topics... mom empowerment to organization, Personal growth, routine, meal plans are good!

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a white stove sitting on top of a carpeted floor in front of a bed
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The best Amazon gadgets to keep you warm this winter! The cutest space heater, heated blanket, electric kettle, heated desk pad, and more!
a head with earphones on sitting next to a basketball in front of a window
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My boys are growing up so I decided to give their bedroom a grown up sports theme. It has been fun to see their sports bedroom come together. I’m excited to add some Nike shoe decor in the next of I think the Steph Curry headphone stand is their favorite!
a cart filled with lots of different colored markers and pencils on top of a tiled floor
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This is the perfect set up for a kids summer art cart. Kids art supplies can really take over easily but it’s really nice to have everything in one spot! Leaving everything open ended gives kids the invitation to be creative!
a white case filled with lots of different types of items
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Some of my favorite pool bag accessories!
the sports gear for fall sports is on display in this image, including water bottles and socks
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Sick up on kids sports gear for fall sports! The Nike sale is happening now!
sports gear for fall sports bags
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Great quality gym bags for fall sports that will last years and help kids keep track of sports equipment. Nike sale is going on now!
a woman wearing white shirt, black pants and red hat with the words game day outfit on
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Game day outfits!
a woman in purple shirt and black leggings with white shoes, hat and purse
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Sports mom game day outfit
four different shirts with the words game day tops in gold and purple on them, including one
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Game day outfits!
a white shirt, purple pants and hat with the words game day outfit on it
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Game day outfits
the gift guide for travel accessories
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The best and most useful travel accessories that you need for holiday travel. #holidaytravel #travelaccessories #travelgiftguide #LTKunder100 #LTKGiftGuide #LTKtravel
the beach essentials are laid out on top of a bed with black and white accessories
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My favorite cruise and travel essentials! #liketkit #LTKtravel #LTKunder50
the gift guide for family game night includes games, trinkets, and more
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These are the best family games for a fun family game night! #familygamenight #familygames #kidsgames #partygames #LTKCyberweek #LTKGiftGuide #LTKfamily
the gift guide for outdoor toys for kids
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Amazing kids toys for fun family time. Get those kids outside! ❤ #outdoorplay #outdoortoys #kidsgiftguide #kidstoys #LTKunder50 #LTKfamily #LTKGiftGuide
the gift guide for travel games
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Kids travel games that they will love! Perfect for holiday travel and occupying kids on an airplane. #roadtrip #travelgames #travelingwithkids #travelmusthaves #holidaytravel #kidstravelgames #LTKunder50 #LTKGiftGuide #LTKtravel