Wayne Thiebaud Cakes

Collection by John Davey

4th Grade Cupcakes

tint shades wayne thiebaud.  JUST like oil pastel cylinder project!

Thiebaud Inspired Cakes

5th Graders finished up their cakes modeled after Wayne Thiebaud's collection this week. Our focus was tints and shades and I think they turned out pretty yummy looking! It is always interesting to me how difficult angles can be (even for older kids).

Cupcake!! A great Wayne Thiebaud project for the littles.

Art and Theater: Student loans

Works by young artists attract the spotlight -- a cherry on top for kids and families to have the creations hanging at PMA, the Saco Museum and elsewhere.

4th Grade Cupcakes- with values

Wayne Thiebaud inspired. Form, shading, texture. Experiment with different media.

Why Doughnut Art??

Well, I could say that the reason for making doughnut art is to practice tinting and shading to create the illusion of depth; or I could say it is to reinforce the study of shapes; or I could say it is to experiment with color or different media; or learn about Wayne Thiebaud's art . . . One could go on and on. One could also say that I wanted a good excuse to visit my favorite donut shop in Costa Mesa, California (right next to Newport Beach) and buy a bunch of their cinnamon crumb cake…

Exploring Art: Elementary Art: 4th Grade Wayne Thiebaud Cupcakes

4th Grade Wayne Thiebaud Cupcakes

The school year is winding down for me (I only will see each group of students 3 more times) and that time will go quickly. So as the end of the year goes by I try to keep projects as a two day lesson because with end of year field trips, field days, and assemblies there will be several groups that will miss. Here's a Wayne Thiebaud lesson that most students were able to finish in two classes. I did a Theibaud lesson last year with 4th graders and really loved the results as far the variety…

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: Second grade Wayne Thiebaud pop art cupcakes

Second grade Wayne Thiebaud pop art cupcakes

We watched these youtube clips to learn a bit more about Wayne Thiebaud and to experience his work! Clip #1 - Click Here Clip #2 - ...

Wayne Thiebaud Lollipops - Use model magic and watercolors to create lollipop sculptures.

The Art of Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud is a fun artist! His depictions of cakes, pies, ice cream, and collections of toys make his art so appealing to children. Second graders just finished some Thiebaud projects. Here are our lollipops, made from model magic and watercolor paints, and our gumball machines!

draw out your own cupcakes :)

Assignment Five!

Assignment Five! - Today is a day to recognize creativity from within. Don’t look at magazines, cook books or TV shows for ideas or inspiration. Create something today that is only inspired by you. I...

Parent Art Docents: Wayne Thiebaud lesson

Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud is one of the California greats - famous for his gentle paintings of beautifully arranged baked goods. This is a fun lesson ...

Exploring Art: Elementary Art: 3rd Grade Tint/Shade Ice Cream Cones

3rd Grade Tint/Shade Ice Cream Cones

A blog about sharing elementary art lessons. With a twist of fun on the side.

another wayne thiebaud project / model magic

My Adventures In Positive Space

A few years back I read an online article about a British artist named Lucy Sparrow. She had created a temporary Cornershop in London, stocked completely with felt re-creations of everything you would find inside. It was like a cross between a pop-up shop and art installation, and there were over 4,000 items for sale. At the time she hinted at a project in New York and I was thrilled, hoping I would hear about it when the time came. I did. Inside the ice cream freezer, with glitter frost on…

.Kids love it if you bring in real donuts - Thiebaud

Artwork published by Christina1727

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wayne thiebaud cakes

who wants cake?

i'm pretty happy w/ these. i wish i could show you all 90 of them. for now, this will do. our inspiration: www.nga.gov/education/classroom/counting_on_art/img/img_t...

Power point on Thiebaud. Nice, casual questioning techniques to help students look for specific elements in his work.

Wayne thiebaud

An awesome elementary level powerpoint on Wayne Thiebaud.