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Cultural Itinerary - Cultural locations in Milas
Cultural Inventory invites you to rediscover this unique geography that has hosted dozens of civilizations. More than 30 thousand cultural assets have been added and classified in our database. You can view relevant locations in Mila and ancient Karia
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Bodrum Events
We set out to manage Bodrum in a brave, determined, fair and sharing way. In this way, transparency, accountability, pluralistic and democratic participation in decision-making processes, appropriateness of services, effectiveness and harmony between administrations in ensuring social welfare and happiness will be above everything for us.
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Bargylia (/ˌbɑːrˈdʒɪliə/; Ancient Greek: Βαργυλία), was a city on the coast of ancient Caria in southwestern Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) between Iasos and Myndus. Bargylia's location corresponds to the modern Turkish town of Boğaziçi in Muğla Province.
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The Archaeological Exploration of Sardis
Located in western Anatolia at the edge of the fertile Hermus plain and at the foot of the Tmolus mountains, on a major route connecting the Aegean with inland Turkey, around a naturally defensible citadel by the banks of a river with golden sands, Sardis was blessed with many natural advantages
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Archaeology in Practice (Oxford)
Using a specially-designed virtual learning environment (VLE), this online course provides students with directed readings and tutor-guided, text-based discussions and debate. There are no 'live-time' meetings so you can study whenever it suits you.
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British Institute at Ankara
The British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) was founded in 1947 and incorporated in the 1956 cultural agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the United Kingdom. It is internationally renowned for conducting world-class research in Turkey and the Black Sea region in the humanities and social sciences.
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Labraunda is a mounding site located 14 km northeast of the modern city of Milas, in southwestern Turkey. This region has been known since antiquity as Caria. This place was particularly famous for sheltering an important sanctuary dedicated to the cult of Zeus Labraundos, the god with the double axe, which became from the 4th century. av. AD one of the most important deities of the region.
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Stratonikeia, located in the Eskihisar District of the Yatağan district of Muğla province, is one of the ancient cities located in the inner part of the Caria Region
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Aphrodisias Excavations
Aphrodisias is a remarkably preserved Roman-period city in ancient Caria, SW Turkey, which was famous in antiquity for its sanctuary of Aphrodite and its marble sculptors