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How to Draw an Easy Pumpkin with Alcohol-Based Markers
Follow along as an show you how I draw a pumpkin with alcohol ink markers. Supplies: • Pencil • Alcohol ink markers • Bristol Paper - you want a smooth, heavy paper • Optional: watercolor and paint brush Here are some tips: • Draw your pumpkin or design first in pencil. • Sometimes the colors will bleed through your paper depending on the weight of your paper and how many layers you color. You can have a scrap piece of paper under it or a scrap of cardboard or even a clipboard. • To blend colors, I like to stay monochromatic and start light. Meaning I will use light colors first and slowly build up the color to darken. • To blend out a darker color I will use a light color marker. • To create highlights, you can use a light color marker to pick up some of the dark color.
Разбирала этот гранат для фото-урока, но и на видео заснять хотелось. Какой формат нравится больше?
How to paint cactus | @SummerSunHomeArt
Learn watercolor online with me 👉🏻
Любимые гранаты ❤️