My Wedding Inspiration

My Wedding Inspiration

My Wedding Inspiration
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Caramelized Salmon / 7 Quick Dinners To Make This Week

:-) Best if you like sweet fish recipes. It burns easily so cook at low heat being careful not to cook too long. Caramelized Salmon by pinchofyum: Browned, glazey, salty-sweet, and a teensy bit spicy.

Spice organization - Love! This kitchen is perfect!!!!!!!!

Add shelves below the practical. And love the flour/sugar bins! I especially love the spice organization. They're easy to read. - Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects

I like the idea of hanging the cups

Measurement conversion chart and labeled measuring cup holder for your cabinets doors. (I did this and every time I opened the cabinet, the cups would SMACK the door loudly. It would do better just in a cabinet and not on the door.

Guide to Suits

Collars and Cuffs.a Man must learn when ordering T-Shirts. AK’s Guide to Suits An introduction to the finer details of menswear, and how to get them right.