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How the Internet Has Changed the World #Infographic #Internet #Technology

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way we shop. No longer do we have to leave the house and make a special journey to bricks and mortar stores

There are so many ways my startup could fail, so being in an ecosystem of amazing professors and classmates to ask questions and learn from is so valuable!

Bad news coming out of Hamburg for Protonet. Startups have been the hyped-up success story of the past decade. But for every successful startup, countless others fail, sometimes mysteriously and often unnoticed.

Startup Business Checklist 22 Steps to a Successful Launch

startup infographic & chart Startup Business Checklist: 22 Steps to a Successful Launch Infographic Description Startup Business Checklist: 22 Steps to a S

10 Great Business Lessons from Fictional Characters

Edgy infographic about business lessons we can learn from fictional characters. Some interesting choices on here; who knew that Sam and Dean Winchester were top-notch entrepreneurs?

The 34 Companies that Control the World

Which Corporations Control the World? by Hannah Williams A surprisingly small number of corporations control massive global market shares. Banks and Finance, Media, Big Oil, The Global Food.

Do most great entrepreneurs focus on one idea or pursue many? A quick look at billionaire entrepreneurs reveals that most of them are serial entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are known for being able to focus on one thing to the point of making it a reality. Entrepreneurs are also known for their

Serial Entrepreneurs Infographic - How to pursue multiple opportunities - The Wild and Crazy Career Paths of 5 Self-Made Billionaires - How did they do it?

Industrial Pipe and Walnut L-Shaped Desk with Shelves

Industrial Pipe and Walnut L-Shaped Desk with Shelves. Like the wall shelves w/pipe bookends

Petroglyph Chair by Nucleo, made from discarded pieces of plywood in varying lengths

Turin-based design studio Nucleo has created the Petroglyph Furniture Collection. The collection is composed of wooden tables and armchairs made using scra