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Great Info Graphic on XMP Positioning to Reduce Lost Damage | Ingress Field Guide

Great Info Graphic on XMP Positioning to Reduce "Lost Damage"

How to deploy your #Ingress portal for maximum defense

As more Agents learn to fire Ultra Strikes on top of Portals to neutralize…

Structure of the US Army

This graphic does a really good job of showing the levels of responsibility that different leaders/commanders in the Army hold.

World Wide Aircraft Carriers Comparison (Jeff Head)

War command centers, no borders, no boundaries in international waters, cities afloat, no one can take on an aircraft carrier.

All the Combat Vehicles of the U.S. Military in One Giant Poster

Combat Vehicles Of The U. Military - Pop Chart Lab has created this nifty print, presented here as an infographic, of every U. military combat vehicle currently in service.