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Welcome Sign Freebie

Post this colorful sign for your Meet the Teacher Night or 1st Day of School to welcome students and their families!

Hand Washing Routine, Book, Posters, & Song

Hand washing posters, song, social story book, paper towel, and soap visuals help teach and cue student to wash their hands to stay healthy. At the beginning of the year, after breaks, and when students are getting sick read this book to teach and review hand washing. This social story explains why...

Social Stages of Play — Encourage Play

Do you know how my 5th grade teacher taught us the planets? She sang it to us. When her former students would come back and visit, she would always ask if they remembered the order of the planets. And they’d all end up singing it back to her. Imagine these big high school juniors and seniors singing

New 2012 EYFS material

I have uploaded a range of formats I will be using when I start my role as Reception teacher in Septemeber. Some I have adapted from others' resources to s...

How Learning Through Play & Pretend Play Help Child Development

Psychologists who have studied play theory have found that, at its most basic level, play allows kids to develop the skills they will need later in life.

Learning Through Play Poster Set

This beautifully designed poster pack includes 36 colourful posters containing all of the benefits of 18 different types of play with links to relevant theorists.. They are perfect for displaying on walls, in portfolios or adding to learning stories. They also make a great resource to help to commu...

Home :: Posters / Signs :: Types of Play EYLF Resource

Online Printable Download:This beautifully designed, informative EYLF resource contains 6 beautiful posters, one for each type of play (Unoccupied, Independent, Onlooker, Parallel, Associative and Cooperative). Each poster contains information on what the type of play is, the expected age, the positives of the particular type of play, the theorist link, the link to EYLF Outcomes and then the expected next stage of play development.The pack also includes 6 editable learning story templates…

Documentation & Programming for Family Child Care

Documentation strategies for family child care & early years educators using the EYLF outcomes. Meet every step of the programming cycle easily.

Home :: Posters / Signs :: New EYLF Posters with Links to Outcomes

Online Printable Download This set of 5 EYLF posters are beautiful to display on walls in portfolios and in programs They contain the outcomes activities and links to relevant theorists

Home :: Posters / Signs :: Documenting SUSTAINABILITY in the Early Childhood setting - An EYLF Resource Pack

Online Printable Download:This pack contains everything you will need to teach, display and document sustainability in your early childhood setting.It includes EDITABLE documents, posters, games and ideas to promote sustainability in your classroom.The pack contains the following:* What is Sustainability? Poster* Links to Curriculum and Theorists* Recycling Learning Story Template with links to outcomes and theorists* Template to record sustainable practices* How we are Sustainable in the…

EYLF Intentional Teaching Pack

This is a great resource to help you to document all of your intentional teaching units. Included in the pack are resources for teaching: Cultural diversity Healthy Eating Hygiene Road Safety Emergency Procedures In each of these areas there are: A3 Weekly Overviews Learning story templates wi...

Home :: Posters / Signs :: The Complete EYLF Teaching and Learning Binder - New Edition

Online Printable Download:This beautifully designed, upgraded, FULLY EDITABLE EYLF Teaching and Learning Binder contains everything you will need to document the teaching and learning experiences in your early education setting.The binder includes the following valuable 'go-to' resources:EYLF A3 Early Years Programming Information PosterEYLF Planning Cycle DocumentsEYLF Learning OutcomesQKLG Learning Development AreasTeacher ReflectionsEYLF Outcome Learning Story ChecklistLinking Outcomes to…