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a plant with orange and white flowers on it's leaves, in front of a blue background
Platycerium Foong SiQi. photo-kaifoo.
a woman standing next to a large green plant in a room filled with other plants
Platycerium Wandae
some green plants are growing in the ground and on top of other plants that have fallen apart
Platycerium sp.
a woman holding up a large green leafy plant in front of a wall full of other plants
Platycerium elemaria
a plant hanging from a ceiling in a room with a light fixture on it's side
a plant with large green leaves on it
Love Staghorn Ferns!!!
a close up of a green plant on a wooden surface with moss growing around it
Platycerium madagascariense
a large green plant growing on top of a tree
Treasures from Adam's Eden!
Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds: Treasures from Adam's Eden!
a person holding up a plant that is growing out of the ground in their hand
platycerium grande
three large green leaves on top of each other in a planter with moss growing around them
Platycerium madagascariense
a man standing in front of a large plant