Gorgeous Greens

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some very pretty green plants with big leaves
an abstract painting with green and blue waves in the water on a black background,
Origin: Turkish Meaning: emerald Gender: Female The name is derived from the Turkish zümrüt meaning “emerald,” without the umlaut over the u, it is also a popular Albanian and Bosnian f…
a green sign that says leuvens on it's side in front of a building
Inspiring Images...green
three scoops of ice cream sit in a martini glass on a green tablecloth
Green Apple Sorbet (2/4)
a plant growing out of the side of a wall in front of a green and white tile
a stack of green and blue towels sitting on top of a white countertop next to each other
Counting Stone Sheep
Counting Stone Sheep
fireworks are lit up the sky over boats in the water and sydney opera house behind them
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Sydney, Australia
two green pears sitting next to each other
Crush Cul de Sac
a bouquet of green flowers sitting on top of a wooden bench
Handsome Hydrangeas - Polka Dot Wedding
Green and Blue Hydrangeas
three light bulbs hanging from strings with the words ema inspires written on them
a lone sailboat in the middle of an ocean
Seelisberg (Switzerland) 2006
a person standing in the middle of a body of water next to mountains and trees
Dadu Shin ~ Solitude