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a building made out of stacked rocks with writing on the front and side walls that read,
Today some inspirations for a life with nature ...
white life ©: Today some inspirations for a life with nature ...
workers are working on the construction of an outdoor seating area
A Group Of Designers Created A Wave Made Of Buckets For An Architecture Festival In Mexico City
5468796 Architecture, Factor Eficiencia and Studio NYL have collaborated to create a public art installation in Mexico City, that's made from common painter’s buckets.
there are many different views of the building from across the street and through the window
Almost 1,000 Cones Cover This Ice Cream Shop In Poland
mode:lina architekci have designed LODOVNIA, a mobile ice cream shop in Poland that's covered in almost 1,000 white sports cones, representing the shape of an ice cream cone.
a red wall with the words design thinking on it in front of a white ceiling
35 Inspiring Office Branding Designs – Bashooka
Esade’s Colors
an empty room with multiple black and white pieces on the wall, including letters that spell out new
In Your Wildest Dreams: Cutting-Edge Shopping Environments - Interior Design
In Your Wildest Dreams: Cutting-Edge Shopping Environments | Projects | Interior Design
a man walking in front of a wall that says world of it's own
Beautiful signage | #1165
A World Of Its Own by Moma Design Studio
people are standing in front of a booth with plants
Our Newsletter
Architonic | Our Newsletter
a food stand with various foods on display in the middle of an open floor plan
Custom Tradeshow Booths & Flexible Rental Exhibits | Condit
Tradeshow booth for natural food client at Expo West 2015
a large advertisement is on the wall in an empty mall lobby with people walking by
Charlie Smith Design — Hoardings
the poster for melbourne food and wine festival, featuring three bottles in silhouette against a black background
This ad is so simple, yet so effective. The color scheme is simply black and white and there is only one simple image. The image is really captivating though because it is both a fork and multiple bottles of wine. It incorporates both aspects of the event (the food and the wine). I will try to remember not to overcomplicate my ad. Sometimes keeping things simple is better.
two chairs and a table on display in a room with an orange carpeted floor
Design Reservoir exibition celebrates creative talents and highlights many designers from Wallonia and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais.