Dewi Dyah puspitasari

Dewi Dyah puspitasari

Indonesia  ·  Charming, simple, hard working lil bit fussy
Dewi Dyah puspitasari
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I WILL get pregnant. I WILL stay pregnant. We WILL have a baby. | Baby Ecard

Conceiving a baby infertility treatment,womans ovulation calculator best ivf centre,fertility treatment for women reasons for infertility in women. don't ever tell a mom who lost a pregnancy this! I have heard it and have lost 6 pregnancies and I'd punch them in the throat if they said that to me, not kidding.

I can't just get pregnant again and forget that I lost my second child. Another pregnancy will not erase the pain of losing the second. At this point, another pregnancy will only bring me fear of another loss.

'At least you know you CAN get pregnant...' Yeah, 'cause that makes losing my baby SO much easier...

How i hated hearing this 4 times at the hospital. It doesnt bring my baby back. I didnt get to hear your heart beat. But i know God has plans for you & you are now our guardian angel my sweet baby❤