Milk-Tea-Cinnamon-Cake using happy call

Milk Tea Cinnamon Cake

Baked Sweet Potato using Happy Call Pan

Happy Call Pan Recipes - Baked Sweet Potato, Sizzling Tofu and Claypot Rice

My Mind Patch: Happycall Pineapple Tarts

Yield: about 56 tarts Ingredient A: butter, softened icing or castor sugar Ingredient B: 1 egg yolk tsp vanilla e.

TAGlicious: Simple Chicken Chop by Happycall

Who don't love Western food? Let me share with you how to whip out this dish easily at home. Chicken chop Things needed: .

Marble cake (using HappyCall pan)

Marble Cake

Easy brownie (using HappyCall pan)

Ingredients (A) Unsalted melted Cocoa powder… sieved Caster Vanilla tsp beaten Ingredients (B) Plain Baking

Inspired Garret popcorn with Happycall

Lately, almost every girl friend of mine is crazy over this new wonder equipment - Happy Call Pan. It is well known for non grease after co.

Min Jiang Kueh (Peanut Pancake) So easy to make and so delicious!!!

Peanut Pan Cake (BEE CHIAN KUEH

Ingredients for Pancake batter plain flour 1 small egg water sugar tsp yeast tsp bicarbonate of soda Preparation of batter Mix together and leave aside for at least