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From the book by sport journalist Hugo Borst 'Waarom ik zo van Sparta hou', (why I love Sparta so much), art direction Margi Geerlinks.

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Hätte nie gedacht, dass ich das einmal sagen würde, aber ich steh total auf “Chicks with Dicks”. Diese ist nur eine von zahlreichen Illustrationen aus Mr. Bingos großartigem Portfolio. All images © Mr. Bingo | Via: Werkshow

Winsor McCay’s Animation Lesson Number One, 1919

Karl Cohen has found a copy of Winsor McCay's long lost lesson on animation. Read about what it contains and what these tidbits mean to animation's history.

I'm Sorry: an apology flipbook - YouTube

I'm Sorry: an apology flipbook

I'm Sorry: an apology flipbook - YouTube

I'm Sorry: an apology flipbook

Order your own custom flipbook at TheFlippist.com A sweet fella emailed me and asked me to make him an apology flipbook for his girlfriend. He told me she ha...

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Phases of the Moon Flip Book

Moon Phases: This moon phases flip book is an engaging activity allowing students to create their own 'movie' of the moon phases. Moon Phases Flip Book Contents: 1. Completed version: students cut and assemble 2. Incomplete version: students shade in the Moon phase, then cut and assemble 3. Blan...

DISINTEGRATING Flipbook - Mr Stark I don't feel so good

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The Peg + Cat Floppy Hop Flipbook | Kids Coloring Pages | PBS KIDS for Parents

Create your very own cartoon of Peg and Cat and watch them start hopping just for you.