koi pond decoration

koi pond decoration

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basic aquarium guides

Before deciding to have an aquarium in your home. Many things need to be known and learned. Otherwise you will just throw your money away for something we take for granted. Below will be explain ba…

saltwater aquarium guide

Aquarium fish brought you supply a calm, serene environment in your dwelling. feeding fish are fun. Interest about build a saltwater fish aquarium?

zeolite aquarium filter

A nice and beautiful aquarium can be seen from the quality of the water. So, it is important for every aquarist to keep the water quality in a clear state. By still paying attention to the mineral …

Aquariums, Fish Aquariums, Fish Tanks

substrate for planted aquarium

confusing choose the right substrate for aquarium? here some list of substrate for planted aquarium which are common in pet shop.

Jellyfish sting treatment

Stung by jellyfish?only a little time period and doesn't cause much harm. let's learn more about treatment for jellyfish sting.

Whether you’re raising fish for commercial sale or just have a pond in your backyard, good nutrition plays a critical role in keeping up the wellness of your fish.

Puffer fish vs blowfish

there are also called balloonfish, globefish, swellfish when finding the phrase puffer fish vs blowfish fish it means like me vs myself.

breeding betta fish

The siamese fighter, or betta fish males are extremely territorial and build bubble nests. After spawning the male exclusively takes care of the embryos, but after hatching,raising the tiny betta fry becomes the responsibility of the breeder.

To build a perfect koi pond, there are a lot ting that you have to think about. First is determine where the pond will be placed, then construction and design

Before we discuss about koi fish price range, I will give the type of koi fish that generally sold in the ornamental fish/pet store.