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a painting of a girl with long hair wearing a black shirt and tie
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Wednesday Addams <3 So cute. Girl Scout: Well, I'll tell you what. I'll buy a cup if you buy a box of my delicious Girl Scout cookies. Do we have a deal? Wednesday: Are they made from real Girl Scouts? #TheAddamsFamily
a man in a suit is swinging on a broom next to a tree with another man
Gomez Addams spends a little quality time with his daughter, Wednesday, in a cartoon by Charles "Chas" Addams.
a creepy man holding a heart shaped pillow
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a man sitting on the floor holding a baby
Pugsley and Pubert from 'Addams Family Values'.
a group of people sitting around a table with a caricature on the wall behind them
All in the Addams Family
Charles Addams and Doctor Seuss were the first artists I knew by name and had books by... warped my whole life! This is a tribute to the first artist I knew who exclusively did monsters and the macabre!
an image of a woman with long hair wearing black clothing and holding her hands on her hips
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Angelica Houston as Morticia Adams. what up HBIC
a woman with long black hair and red lipstick holding a rose in her right hand
Morticia: Children, this is Miss Jellinsky, our new Nanny. What do we say? Wednesday: Be afraid, be very afraid.
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a group of people standing next to each other on a floor in front of a fireplace
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The Adams Family. I hated everybody before it became mainstream .
a woman in a black dress with her hands on her hips and an empty speech bubble above her head
Christina Ricci - Wednesday Addams
a woman standing in the dark with her hand on her hip and looking off into the distance
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Wednesday Addams
a woman with braids holding a beer in her hand and looking at the camera
The 50 best family films
1993 - Addams Family Values - Theoni V Aldredge