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Everything Shower.🧼

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Sunday Reset.

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5 Tips for Winter Wellness - A Foodie Stays Fit

In the bleak midwinter. ❄️🧤🧣

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A MUST! Life-saver when you are at work, at school or traveling the world! Keeps all your electronics, cables, chargers and even your credit cards in one place. Easy to carry around, fits in your backpack or your carry on. We are all hands down fans of this UBER CHIC product. Material feels and looks posh and very easy to keep clean and germ free! Printed coated fabric Holds Iphone, Ipad Mini or Air and KindleHousing for cables, earplugs, pen and pencils.Matching notepad with blank page100% Vega

Travel Gear.

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Shopping Links to Explore! 🛍

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Bucket List.

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Sick Days.

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Curl up and conk out.


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If I Had the Cash-Monies…

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Morning Routine Inspo.

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Inspired by the method of the channel @hayley.honeyman Video of routines for ADHD. where she specified a routine wher it depends on how you feel and your motivation levels. This is an example of a night routine that you could be inspired by

Evening Routine.

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Book Photography.

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Dinner Party.

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Daily Routines to Try.

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Things I Want My Children to Know:

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder Strategies: 8 Discipline Rules
Highly Sensitive People(HSP) are 20% of the population. Here is a checklist of traits and characteristics of sensitive children.

Current Worries.

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Book of the Month.

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Current Exercise.

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Classical Damn: Breathing New Life Into Old Paintings With Memes (New Pics)

Yep, That’s Me.

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Self Care.

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